Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hurghada Nile Palace Project

Nile Palace

Is a new project with hotel services located in Elkawthar, the heart of the most fascinating district we have in Hurghada directly opposite to Sindbad Hotel. Only one walking minute from the Tourist Elmamsha Street (Village Road) where the tourist spend the most lovely moments of their life in its bars, discos and coffee shops. It is situated amongst some of Hurghada biggest and most popular hotels. The bustling cent

re of Hurghada is just 2 minutes drive away

NILE PALACE offers spectacular views of the Red Sea with its islands. As, it enjoys a marvelous views over the other hotels located in the Villages road. It is a hotel project which is provided with all the services you may find in other hotels like the swimming pools, commercial shops, café, restaurants, laundry, and pooling center.

Facilities & Benefits

  • Stunning sea views from the front apartment s of the Red Sea with its islands.
  • 2 minutes walk to get the beach.
  • There are a lot of services like restaurant, coffee shop, laundry, security services, gardens, swimming pool, central Satellite, DSL, Elevators
  • The building is provided with the security and house keeping services.
  • Maintenance for all the life by putting a deposit of 3000$ on the name of the project

You can find othe

r facilities out there for the location is well chosen, you can find pooling center, other commercial shops, super markets like Metro Super market. A Hospital, Bazaars, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, in brief you can find all kinds of life activities there.


The apartments are being sold unfinished, but it is according to the customer wish if he wants the developer to finish it for him or not according to his needs. Also the buyer has the choice if he wants to finish by himself. Read more about finishing techniques and costs.


NILE PALACE was started to be built late 2008 and the apartments will be finished by June 2009 and then delivered to the owners of it, while the rest of the building is supposed to be finished by August 2009.








Studio-1bed 1 bed Sea view

Pool view





2 bed

Pool view




Apartment 2 bed

Pool view




Payments for this development are payable in EGP, convert the price to your local

currency. The prices in other currencies are for illustration purposes only and will vary according to current exchange rates. See below to calculate actual prices at today’s exchange rates.

Payments for this development are payable in EGP. The prices in other currencies are for illustration purposes only and will vary according to current exchange rates. See below to calculate actual prices at today’s exchange rates.

Payment Schedule

  • 50% upon signing contract
  • 50% on a 12 monthly payments

There is no commission here

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hurghada Real Estate Free Designs

It is a free service for all who interested in real estate and have their own plots and want to have ideas about their architectural designs, they can have what they want. Give us your plot’s dimensions and some of your needs and thoughts, you will have one architectural design totally free without any costs. Also calculations of the constructions costs as well as finishing costs from the beginning to the end. Feel free to contact us at

  • This offer of calculations of the costs is for the Red Sea Region only in Egypt.
  • We accept the cooperation to establish, construct or finish, decorate and furniture according to a percentage of the total costs.
  • You will have a list of materials kinds and prices to limit your costs.
  • We are specialized in hand made furniture only, you pick your designs from any catalogue or give us your ideas, and you will have your pieces in 45 days at maximum with a guarantee for one year against wood or paintings defects.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hurghada Telecommunications



Hurghada is well served by 4 major telecommunication providers. One of them is the Telecom Egyptian company which is the main providerand it is specialized in land lines. It owns the company for DSL providers which govern a major share in the Egyptian Market. The other three companies specialized in GSM and 3.5G technology. They are Mobinil, Vodafone and Etisalat. Beside you can find general service phones in the streets which operates through prepaid cards like Menatel and Ringo.

You can find in Hurghada a wide range of Internet coffee shops either inside the Hotels or down the city. All of the companies depends upon either monthly bill or prepaid cards which available mostly in the range starts from 10 EGP to 100 EGP

Telecom Egypt

        Address: Eldahar square

 1854 witnessed the birth of Egypt's telecommunications industry.The first telegraph line connecting Cairo and Alexandria was inaugurated early in 1854, forming the company that was later to become Telecom Egypt. It depends on wire phones either residential or commercials. You can have DSL for each line on speeds starts from 128 kb/s to 2 MB/s at affordable prices


Address: Sheraton El Arousa Sq.

Working Hours: From 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily, except Fridays from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

 It is the leading Mobile service operator in Egypt as it provides its services for more than 20 millions customers.  Mobinil (The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services) is Egypt's first mobile phone operator. Founded in 1998. first telecom company to receive ISO 14001 certificate in Egypt and the Middle East

Coverage extends to more than 99.65% of the Egyptian population. Mobinil has international roaming agreements with 348 operators in 135 countries Mobinil was the first to establish roaming agreements with the US and Canada, as well as non-GSM Operators in South America extending our services to countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and The Philippines, to name a few. Mobinil offers roaming with satellite operators such as Al-Thuraya.  Mobinil is currently preparing for the OHSAS 18001 certification [Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series] – another step that shows Mobinil's concern about the well being of its employees, customers and the community.


                     El Mohandes For Comm.

Address :  El Saala Square , Hurghada

     Vodafone Egypt, part of the UK’s Vodafone Group is a mobile network operator in Egypt, formerly known as Click GSM. Vodafone launched its 3G broadband services in Egypt hours from about two years. It is the second Mobile service operator and a leading company in Egypt.

Vodafone Egypt is a total communications provider, offering customers voice, data, and 3G broadband and fixed internet. Since its inception in 1998, the company has drawn on the global strength of Vodafone Group as well as its own in-house research and development of innovative products tailored specifically for the Egyptian mobile market. Vodafone Egypt now boasts a team of more than 3600 employees serving more than 17.6 million customers (Dec. 08) nationwide. The company's success is anchored on the superiority of its network, excellence in customer care, leadership in the innovation of new products and, most of all, a focused growth strategy. Vodafone Egypt offers roaming services through agreements with more than 438 partners in more than 153 countries.



Address: El Sheraton road, El Kasr Mall, shop 3

   It is the third leading mobile provider company in Egypt. It has its license in Apr 2007 and it depends on 3.75 G for faster connections and good quality. Despite entering the market late into the game, Etisalat was able to hit the 1 million subscribers mark only 50 days after launching on April 30, 2007. Currently Etisalat has more than 4 million active subscribers from the 35 million mobile subscribers in Egypt Etisalat Misr is one of 14 service providers managed by Etisalat in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Etisalat currently has access to a potential market of over 400 million subscribers and today Etisalat services over 32 million subscribers including the total number of fixed-line, Internet, mobile and television from each of its subsidiaries.

Nearly all hotels in Hurghada have an internet café or they provide you with internet access conveniently for your laptop directly in your hotel room or in a specially designated area. Furthermore, there are Internet cafés on every corner of the city. These are open late every night and they mostly have reasonable prices. You can also purchase mobile, temporally limited prepaid cards for your cell phone for about 25 LE, with these you can avoid the high telephone costs caused by your mobile telephone provider for international calls. Family and friends are able to call you on this Egyptian phone number, which is cheaper and you do not have to pay roaming fees. Certainly there are several different telecommunication providers (look them up online), which offer reasonable prices for making calls to Egypt.